Brazil’s healthy food market is on the rise

As Brazilians search for natural food and try to adopt a healthier lifestyle, many companies are tapping into these demands. This new lifestyle has drawn attention to companies making organic, gluten-free, lactose-free and reduced fat content food and drink, turning Brazil into the fifth largest healthy food market in the world, according to data published in O Globo based on a Euromonitor research.

As this segment goes up, opportunities abound. The article highlights companies that are investing in the sector like Lanche & Co, which aims at changing what students eat at their school’s canteens, for instance, replacing crisps and soft drinks by healthy and more natural options. Breaking away from the image that healthy food tend to be more expensive, the company says that it has been able to revamp school’s menu without the need to put the prices up.

Pic-Me is another enterprise going in the same direction. Launched at the end of last year by an investment fund, the company sells natural products to be consumed on the go and plans to grow its business. At the moment, they are only in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, South region and Ceará state but they plan to cover 95% of the country’s territory by the end of 2017.

Despite Brazil’s current economic downturn, it seems that there is no crisis within this sector. According to marketing intelligence company Mintel, 83% of Brazilians are up to spend more for buying healthy items and 30% of consumers would like to see a wider selection of healthy options in the retail.

By the way, Mintel also points out that there has been a rise of products claiming to be lactose free or with reduced content of lactose in the last three years in Brazil. According to the company’s global database of new products, 5.9% of the food and drink in Brazil were launched with no, or reduced, lactose in 2015. Comparatively, 3.8% of the launches in 2014 and 3.1% of the launches in 2013 had the same claim.

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