What does Donald Trump’s presidential victory mean for Brazil?

This US election campaign has been considered as the most bickering presidential race ever. Despite Donald Trumps and Hillary Clinton constant accusations over each other, not much has been said in the press regarding their economic policies.  At least in the British press, from where I followed mostly what it was going on across the pond in the last months. Whilst Trump hit the headlines for his misogynist remarks, Hillary was nearly every day on the British news websites due to her email scandal.

Now that Trump has won, what does that mean to Brazil? If Hillary represented the continuation of Obama’s administration, there is a question mark over how Trump’s government will be, especially towards Brazil. Despite the fact that the US is Brazil’s second trade partner, Brazil has never been a focus of attention of the American government. Actually, their priority are Asia and the Middle East. Consequently, It is not a surprise that Trump has never mentioned anything regarding Brazil in his campaign.

Apparently, not much is still known, but the president Michel Temer has already said in one tweet today that “Trump election doesn’t change Brazil-US relations”.

Regarded as a protectionist, Trump doesn’t seem much keen on globalization and free trade agreements. A fierce opposer of Nafta (The North American Free Trade Agreement), he declared during his campaign referring to Canada and Mexico: “They are so used to having their own way. Not with Trump they are not having their own way.” It seems this doesn’t sound much good for Brazil, particularly when he said that Americans were losing jobs due to the importation of Chinese goods. If he is going to strength America’s manufacturing industry, Brazil might have exportation issues in the future.

However, Temer may have a closer relationship with the US than the former president Dilma Rousseff. We should remember, back in 2013, that Dilma cancelled a State Visit to the US after news broke that the NSA was spying on her phone calls and emails. So probably, both countries will be discussing some subjects which were put on hold in the past, what may be a good prospect.




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