Brazil Federal police seeks Eike Batista

The Brazilian businessman Eike Batista, once listed by Forbes magazine one of the ten richest man in the world, is being sought by the Federal Police. This morning, the federal judge Marcelo Bretas issued a prison warrant on the grounds that he paid bribes to a former Rio de Janeiro’s governor state, Sérgio Cabral, who has been in jailed since November last year. Batista is currently out of the country, but according to the Brazilian press he will surrender.

The bribe is valued in U$16.5 million and was paid through the Tag Bank, in Panama. In order to give a false appearance of reality, a “contract” was made and the money was paid originally in a bank account in Uruguay.

This is not the first time Batista is involved with the police. He has also been accused in the past for money laundering and  corruption. What’s more, the former millionaire from the oil and mine industry saw his fortune to plummet over the few years. Aligned with badly management and corruption, his lost of money can also be attributed by the downturn in the mining industry.

Once estimated in US 30 bi, in 2012, his companies are said to be negative net worth nowadays.

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