Sepco will have to hire new contractors for Belo Monte

The construction of Belo Monte dam is behind the schedule. According to the Brazilian press, Sepco, the Chinese company behind the construction of 780 miles of their transmission line, will not be able to deliver it by February 2018.

Due to its delay in finishing the work, O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper states that the Chinese subsidiary has been fined in R$ 8 mi by the Belo Monte Energy Transmission (BMTE), the company responsible for the total of transmission lines, a 2,100 mile extension, making it the largest project of this kind in Brazil.

According to Brazil’s electricity regulator Aneel, Sepco is behind its schedule mainly because the lack of material and difficulties to work in the region as it didn’t predicted the rainy season, which lasts from October to April.

Despite the delays, a BMTE director says that all the building work will be completed in time. What is more, BMTE has demanded that Sepco hires new contractors to finish the job in time.

Currently under construction in the north of Brazil, on the Xingu River, the Belo Monte hydroelectric will be the second biggest in the country, behind the Brazilian-Paraguayan Itaipu dam, and fourth in the world.  Once it is finalized and operating within its full capacity, it will generate 11,233 megawatts.


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