Corruption charges against Temer may be voted this week

Michel Temer may be in a difficult situation by the end of this week. As he might be judged by a Justice and Constitution Commission until Friday, he may have a corruption charge against him eventually taken to the STF (Supreme Federal Court).

If the majority of the Congress, who are part of the commission, consider him guilty, the corruption charges against him will continue to be voted in the whole lower house. And if he loses again, his process will be taken to the STF.

Temer is facing the trails due to the JBS scandal, in which he allegedly received bribes from an intermediary. However, some analysts believe that is very unlikely that Temer will have to step aside. If a simple majority can take his process further to the Congress, before reaching the Supreme Court, he will have to loose by two-thirds in the Congress.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Maia, president of the lower house, is already holding meetings with several politicians, predicting that he eventually can become the next Brazil’s president.

According to the Brazilian constitution, the president of the lower house of the Congress takes over when the vice-president falls. Temer hasn’t got a vice as he used to be Dilma Rousseff’s vice.

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