Who are Brazil’s 2018 presidential hopefuls?

After the controversial Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment, which took place last year, Brazil’s political parties start to gear up for next year’s election. With Michel Temer’s government hit by a series of corruption accusations and a completely polarized country, the Brazilian elections will take place amidst lots of uncertainty. At the same time, Brazil’s economy after three years recession begins giving its first signs of recovery, with a tad growth on GPD and a slight fall on unemployment.

The current scenario makes Brazil’s political landscape very unclear. Nevertheless, there are names already rallying and campaigning out there. Meanwhile other names are holding a more low-key approach. In the light of the looming elections, Brazil Trade have briefly highlighted some of the names here who might become Brazil’s next president:

Luis Inácio Lula da Silva _ The popular two times president is ready to run again in 2018 and has been leading all the opinion polls so far. The left wing candidate, from the Worker’s party, has already started touring the country. Accusations of corruption may hamper his plans and he may have his candidacy withdrawn by the justice if they prove him guilty.

Jair Bolsonaro _ The right wing candidate is a controversial figure in the country. Bolsonaro has been accused of being homophobic and misogynistic, usually being compared to Donald Trump. He runs second in the opinion polls, behind Lula. Political analysts explains his surge due to Brazilians’ disenchantment of politics after a series of corruption scandals that took over all the news in the last few years.

Marina Silva _ A former environmentalist, she used to lobby against deforestation and in favour of rubber tapper’s rights in the Amazon region.  Nowadays, Silva represents a candidate with more centrists tendencies appealing to liberals and voters concerned to social issues alike. However she doesn’t get much sympathy from the left wing voters in light of her evangelical background, which they believe will influence her policies.

Geraldo Alckmin _ From PSDB, Brazil’s party of Social Democracy, he is being twice governor of São Paulo, the most affluent Brazilian state. Despite being very popular in his home state, many analysts say hi lacks of charisma and he will have difficulties to win over the electorate from other states.

João Dória _ another name who is surging on PSDB is São Paulo’s current mayor. The former TV presenter of Brazil’s The Apprentice version is also more connected with right wing groups such as the Free Brazil Movement (MBL). Conservative, he has announced that he is going to privatize parks and football stadiums in São Paulo. If he doesn’t go ahead with his presidential candidacy, he may stand for São Paulo’s state government.

Luciano Huck _ there has been rumours that the TV presenter is another possible candidate. If Huck really decides to bid for presidency, he will be a strong contender due to his utter popular program on Globo TV, part of one of the largest TV networks in the world. He has been denying he will be a candidate though.


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